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We accept bags, jewelry, clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, vintage items and collectibles. Please review our What's Accepted page for a list of items and brands we accept.

You can submit as many item(s) as you would like to sell or consign. If you have more than 10 items, please contact us.

Yes, all items should be clean. Sanitation and safety is priority for our team members and customers alike. Unclean item(s) may be refused and you may be charged a fee.

  • We at BougieHabit pride ourselves on only selling 100% authentic designer item(s). We reserve the right to work with professional authenticators for your item(s) at our discretion.
  • If any item submitted that is found to be a counterfeit, or not authentic, You the seller/consigner will be charged an Authentication Fee of $75 per item OR $125 if the item is Hermes.
  • If your item is found to be counterfeit then you will have THREE (3) business days to pay the authentication fee, after the THREE (3) business days your item will be discarded.
  • If a counterfeit item is given to us, we also will deduct it from the qualifying item(s) for sale from our free trial offer promotion offer.

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