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Referrer Agreement


In consideration of a Referral Fee (as defined below), payable only upon the successful consummation of the services ("Referrer") agrees to assist Luxury Resale Network LLC (L.R.N.)(“Client”) of 65 Oakland Street, #2, Brighton, Massachusetts 02135 in the Discovery. For purposes of this agreement:

- The “Referrer” will provide a client who may be interested in consigning with Luxury Resale Network LLC

  1. Discovery.

"Discovery" of a consignor shall occur only if the consignor is identified and referred by "Referrer" and acknowledged by “L.R.N.” by filling out the Consignor Agreement Form online at

  1. Business Transaction.

For purposes of this Agreement, the "Business Transaction" shall be defined as assisting L.R.N. in finding consignors on the terms and conditions acceptable to L.R.N. The Client reserves all rights and without any obligation to pay  "Referrer" a Referral Fee if consignor withdraws from negotiations concerning any proposed Business Transaction. As used herein, "consummation" of the Business Transaction shall not be deemed to have occurred unless and until:

-        A signed Consignor Agreement by  "Referrer" contact

-        Item consigned by  "Referrer’s” contact must sell

-        Items for sale must be able to sell for $199+

  1. Date of Payment.

The Referral Fee shall become due and payable by L.R.N. within 7 days of receiving and inspecting consignor’s items. Payments options are Paypal or Check.

  1. Calculation of Referral Fee.

For purposes of this Agreement, the Referral Fee shall be paid as follows:  "Referrer" will be paid:

$100 for the 1st 5 items from each new consignor  "Referrer" refers

$10 for each additional item sent in from  "Referrer’s" consignor (after the first 5)

$250 bonus for every 25 items consigned from  "Referrer’s" consignor (after the 1st 5 items)

-To clarify this calculation refers all to the same consignor. Every time a new consignor is acquired the calculation process will repeat itself.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Referral Agreement by and between  "Referrer" and Eric Marcelino, Owner of Luxury Resale Network LLC has been executed and delivered in the manner prescribed by law

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