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September 07, 2018

Chanel is Magic.

Bags that will probably outlive us all.

Julia Lewis


Resale consignment is a current trend in today’s fashion industry and Chanel is definitely a key player in this market. From fragrances, fashion, shoes and jewelry, Coco Chanel has it created it all. She first opened her shop in Paris in 1910 after working at a tailor shop. She started making clothes and introduced her iconic gold double C’s logo on handbags in 1924. Fast forward to today, (2018), Chanel is a high-end luxury brand, in which handbags can range from two thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars. They have created a truly innovative brand that people are willing to spend their money on to look good and feel good while wearing it as well.

No matter the cost of Chanel, there will always be are a market for such a beautiful high-end brand. There are two factors play a part in making Chanel a hot commodity: the high price point, which makes it valuable, and social media, which creates this perception that owning luxury brands determines your fashion influencer status (and ultimately allows you to earn more money as well). Luxury to some people can mean amazing quality, having longevity, or being very durable. Then you have people who say that luxury can just mean that the product is expensive. Either way, Chanel truly applies to both descriptions and that plays a big part in why consumers go for that brand, even if has been gently used or if it’s brand new, the quality is still amazing. On social media platforms, you can make money from Instagram, YouTube, etc. and the more popular or wealthy you appear to be, it has an impact on your status as an influencer. If you are just starting out as an influencer and you want to gain a bigger following, the Luxury Resale Network is a great place to get Chanel and other gently used brands for a lower price.

Not only does resale consignment make it a little bit more affordable, but it makes it is an investment as well. Gently used luxury brand items are sellable and is becoming a huge market all over the world. According to Forbes, if customers know that they can make 75% or more of the price of the item back, then they are more likely to buy that product. On the Luxury Resale Network website, you can resell your items and buy luxury items as well. Investment is key. It is one of my favorite parts of this entire luxury consignment industry. When you have luxury items, yes, its pricey, yes, it’s a lot of money to drop at once but if you take care of your items, you can make money back on them through resale consignment.

Think about how long your bags last that are under $80.00 or even under $150.00. In my personal experience, my everyday low-end price bags will last less than a year. I cannot begin to count the number of bags I have bought over the years that I ended up throwing away because the strap broke, the zipper stopped working, and it looked worn out overall. It’s like a temporary use, something to go with an outfit a few times but won’t have value later. While your thinking about the number of lower priced bags we have all spent money on; also think about how many of them you still have and use on a regular basis. If your number is close to mine, it may be equivalent to the price of a Chanel bag. And truthfully, all Chanel bags will probably outlive all of us! Another great concept to consider is that vintage Chanel is also a trend. So, with investing in a Chanel bag right now, consignment and resale will always be an option later. The value of Chanel bags can also increase over time; you can pass your bags down to your children and they can decide what to do with it, or you can sell yours for a more current version of your bag. And because there are so many different versions of Chanel bags, so many different models and remakes; there are some models that may require a waiting list. If you can get your hand on bag like that, over the years the value of the bag will go up because it will be harder to find, but easier to sell. Sounds much more appealing right? 😊 You can buy a Chanel bag on the Luxury Resale Network as well if you’re not ready to get one full priced from the Chanel website or a luxury boutique.

So why should you buy and sell Chanel with the Luxury Resale Network? Not only can you get luxury items for a lower price, but you can also make payments on the product as well through Affirm and still receive your item immediately. The website is very easy to use, and the owners will answer any questions or concerns you may have. There are other websites that you can sell and buy your items on but on the Luxury Resale Network, you will not have to worry about the authenticity of the products. I know that I am always worried about if products that I am buying online are fake or will not be exactly as it was described; so, having a trusted website to shop on is extremely important especially when your spending thousands of dollars. The Luxury Resale Network has Chanel shoes, purses and accessories for sale.

Chanel 2016 Medium Boy Bag With Shoulder Strap

Take this  found on the Luxury Resale Network, it is gently used, and it comes with the authentication card.  They verify that all items are authentic or your money back guaranteed.  Chanel is magic. We should feel confident and secure while shopping online, making these expensive purchases. We also build a relationship with a company who will help you sell your items later down the line as well.

Happy Shopping.

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