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September 07, 2018

The Amazing Quality and Craftsmanship Behind A Hermes Bag


Hermes bags are probably one of the most iconic luxury bags on the market and are certainly collectors’ items for fashion lovers. Hermes bags have become so iconic that is has become a must have amongst big celebrities. People like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have their own collection of these very expensive bags like it’s no big deal. At one time, so many people wanted to get their hands on a Birkin bag that there was a wait list for it.                                                                                                                                                  One day, those of us who appreciate Luxury brands, want that sleek, new feel of a Hermes bag on our arms, but when we are purchasing such an extravagant item we all need to know exactly what are we buying. There are multiple factors that go into making a luxury bag. What materials they are made from, where the company gets its materials, and the process that goes into making each bag. These factors can also differ from bag to bag.


Hermes uses a wide range of exotic leather in their bags that they acquire from all over the world. Some of these leathers include lizard, ostrich, alligator, calfskin, etc. One of the reasons they are probably so popular is not just because of the wide range of leathers, but the wide range of colors they come in as well. These skins are often dyed to produce a wider variety of purses to give the customer more options to choose from.


Two of the more popular bags, Birkin and Kellie bags, are made up of calf leather. These bags are specifically made up of bull calf, while the inside of the bags are lined with goat skin. These bags are not quite as durable as some other bags. Water marks and scratches are more noticeable on this type of bag.


The most popular of the calf leathers is the Togo, natural bull calf leather with a pebble finish. This bag is totally scratch resistant and can be refurbished into what is practically brand-new condition. Another very popular leather that these bags are made of is the Epsom leather. It is very similar to the Togo leather. It is also completely scratch resistant and has a somewhat similar texture. What makes this leather unique is that it is very easy to clean while also being lightweight and easy to handle.


These bags are far from mass produced. Rather than just being thrown together, they are slowly and carefully handcrafted to ensure every bag looks its best and stands the test of time, as every luxury item should. Hermes can only produce up to 15 bags per month because their handcrafting process takes so much time. This also means that their bags are more rare than other, which definitely plays into the cost of these bags. The Price of a Hermes Birkin bag can range anywhere from $10,000-$150,000.


The process of making a Hermes bag is very detailed. It can take anywhere from 18-20 hours just to make the handle of a Kelly bag. The process for any Hermes purse begins with inspecting the skin that the bag is going to be made out of and ensuring that there are no imperfections. A professional leather cutter will look at the skin and pick out the best part of the skin for the bag to be made out of. There are many fabrics to choose from, a lot of which are dyed, especially crocodile leather.


Once the craftsman starts putting the bags together, they use extremely small stitches to ensure long-lasting quality that holds up over time. Craftsman even use double magnifying glasses to get the stitches as small as possible. This detailed stitching process can take 48 hours just for this one step. Even the medal that is made for each bag is hand welded, again to ensure the best quality for each bag that is made.


Any one bag will go through multiple different craftsman for each part of the bag. Each of which will spend many hours on each bag they help create. Each bag is a little bit different than the rest and each worker takes pride in every bag that comes across their path. Every little detail is given the most attention. There is no time wasted and no time spared in the creation process of a Hermes bag.


As always, we recommend looking into buying through consignment. Hermes bags especially will almost never wear over time. Each intricate step taken to make the bag is not for looks purpose, but for functionality. Hermes never mass produces and never uses machinery. It is one of the most expensive bags because it is of the best quality, so when you buy one through resale you can almost guarantee that it will still look brand new.


Hermes bags also hold their value well over time due to how rare they are. So, anyone who ever buys a Hermes bag is almost always making a good investment. If you whatever reason you many find yourself in financial trouble, and hopefully you won’t, a Hermes bag you may have lying around can offer you a good payday if you decide to resale it.


While being one of the more expensive luxury brands, Hermes is also a brand that values every little step that goes into making their product. Being able to own such an iconic bag is a privilege that most people work very hard for. A Hermes bag or any luxury item for that matter is a symbol of success for a lot of people. Any owner of this bag should take care of it and cherish it at all costs. If you ever decide to become an owner of such an amazing bag, you can always appreciate the hard work people put into creating it so you can look your best when carrying it.



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