Kylie Jenner's Secret to Getting Her Hands on Rare Sold-Out Fashion - BougieHabit

July 17, 2017

You would think a superstar like Kylie Jenner would have no trouble getting her hands on a limited-edition Louis Vuitton camouflage scarf that sold out instantly in all boutiques… but no, you’re wrong. When she couldn’t get the infamous piece directly from Louis Vuitton, the Kardashian sister instantly turned toLuxury Resale Network, a Boston-based online consignment shop, where she was easily able to find one and have it shipped to her Hidden Hills mansion. 


The online consignment site is a hidden gem for celebrities and fashionistas seeking hard-to-find designer pieces at discounted prices. The company’s massive selection of rare designer fashion makes it a go-to shop for celebrities like Kylie who want to stay on the cutting edge of style. To get in on the secret, check out Luxury Resale Network's exclusive collection now by clicking here!

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