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September 07, 2018

Consign, Buy & Get the ‘00s Vintage Look like Kylie at the Luxury Resale Network

Julia Lewis 

Vintage trends are definitely making a comeback in the fashion and retail space; especially with social media being a go to platform for content and getting celebrity fashion looks. I have found that brands like Fendi, Hermès and Chanel vintage items are a hot commodity in 2018. There is something about a nostalgic look that so trendy, especially on social media platforms. Celebrities and fashion influencers have been spotted with these luxury brands but do not tell us where to get them. With being active in the social media fashion space, I notice that trends stem from celebrities and then bloggers will try to find pieces that look the same but are more affordable. They will also create style pages and tag multiple companies to help followers get the same look as that celebrity has, or influencer was wearing. Having luxury bags, shoes and clothes really can determine your social media status. Those brands and more can be found on the Luxury Resale Network online shop where you can be affordably fashionable without questioning authenticity.

Speaking of the influence of social media, Kylie Jenner is of course known in the cosmetic world, but she’s also known for her handbag collection. Recently, Kylie did a handbag closet walk through video on YouTube. She actually collects luxury handbags, from Hermès to Gucci, she has it all.


Last week, Kylie Jenner posted a picture on Instagram in the mini multicolored Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton bag. Takashi was called upon by Marc Jacobs to design Spring/Summer 2003 Louis Vuitton accessory collection. Any handbag he created with his signature multicolored Louis Vuitton print was known as the “it bag” for over a decade. Seeing Kylie photographed with this vintage bag has definitely created a buzz and people are on the hunt for this print or a bag similar to it with Takashi’s design.

Now, unfortunately the multicolored print by Takashi Murakami has been discontinued by Louis Vuitton back in 2015, but that won’t stop anyone from still looking for it!  Now you can find this rare print and get the multicolored Louis Vuitton bag at Luxury Resale Network. 

This Multicolored Speedy x Louis Vuitton bag is timeless, classic and is back in season because of Kylie. It’s now even more valuable because it’s discontinued, so don’t be surprised if it sells out! The power of social media, right? I truly believe that Louis Vuitton will ask Takashi Murakami to do a future collaboration to rerelease this print. I haven’t heard to seen anything about a relaunch, but we are definitely on the lookout.

 are in great condition and go for the highest resale value. I have learned that all fashion trends that were really good will come back and be popular again. Luxury brands like the ones at the Luxury Resale Network are a great investment when shopping for luxury items.


Not only can you buy products from the Luxury Resale Network, but you can also sell items too. When you make the decision to purchase an authentic luxury brand item, more than likely you are spending a lot of money. Like I previously stated, it’s an investment and it probably won’t be something you want to donate later down the line. Personally, when I’m spring cleaning, there are quite a few things that I donate. I have items that I know I spent a lot of money on, but I won’t use it again or no longer is important to me. It’s kind of like finding the balance between donating or hoarding. There are items that still have a little value, that are in ok condition and have no use to you; those are things that people usually donate. Then there are items that have a lot of value, are in good condition and you no longer want that item. That is when you consign and have the Luxury Resale Network sell your products for you.

At the Luxury Resale Network, you will get the highest possible value for you item to be resold. Known for it’s 100% authenticity, the Luxury Resale Network has all your luxury fashion needs without worrying. When you consign your items, you get paid up to 75%. What’s great about concept of consignment is that you do not have to worry about marketing your items. The Luxury Resale Network will determine how much each item is worth and both parties will earn a profit. The best way to get your items accepted is to make sure that they are in great condition. Check for damages no matter what high end brand it is, it still needs to be in a sellable condition, especially if you want the most money for it. I also believe having integrity is important in this space as well. When you considering consignment, your item should be authentic.

If you are consigning to make some extra money, do consider that it does take a while for items to sell. So, the better the condition and look of the products will definitely increase chances of quicker purchases. The website it very easy to maneuver and you can get you questions answered right away. The Luxury Resale Network will sell your first item for free, offers free shipping and a money back guarantee.

Another great thing about consignment is that it gives you an excuse to go shopping again! Out with the old, in with the new right? You can get a decent amount of money for your items when you sell them to the Luxury Resale Network. You can use that money to get an upgrade of the luxury brand you sold. You are creating space and room for more items and someone else can potentially use the ones that you no longer wanted. You can check out what’s new on the Luxury Resale Network website for you to add to your closet as well!


Happy Shopping!


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