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September 28, 2018

Celebrities Who Shop Secondhand


Most big-name celebrities would never be seen in something that is not made by a big-name brand. Meanwhile, there are other down to earth celebrities that know shopping consignment and secondhand is not only fun, but the only way to find unique clothing that they probably wouldn't find anywhere else. There are also some celebrities that shop secondhand because that is the only thing that they could afford before fame. Some people may turn their nose at it for whatever reason, but these celebrities know that secondhand is the way to go.




This may not come as much of a surprise considering Macklemore us most notably known for his hit song "Thrift shop." But even after his fame, buying second-hand is something that Macklemore still loves to do. Macklemore says that it was something that he resonates with from when he was just a young kid, which is probably the main reason he wrote the hit song in the first place.


Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts in one of the main A-list celebrities who has been spotted shopping at consignment stores. She and her children are both eco-friendly in that they all sometimes wear gently used clothing from consignment and thrift shops. Roberts is even one of the few celebrities seen wearing second-hand dresses on the red carpet, specifically for a unique look that she had been looking for.


Anne Hathaway


Most of us can agree that Anne Hathaway is a style icon. She especially loves vintage clothing and with the help of her stylist, wore exclusively vintage clothing on her colossal press tour. During this tour, she stopped by Good Morning America and styled a vintage dress only costing $15. Shopping second-hand has not only allowed Hathaway not only to be eco-friendly but style some very unique yet stylish looks on the red carpet.


Shailene Woodley


Unlike Hathaway, Shailene Woodley is usually seen wearing couture looks on the red carpet, but that doesn't mean that her everyday looks have to just as sophisticated. In her free time, she likes rocking second-hand looks. She said in an ASOS interview that she loves finding baggy jeans that you can only find in thrift shops because she finds them very comfortable.


Jada Pinkett Smith


Jada Smith has been photographed thrift shopping in her spare time. She especially loves consignment shopping with her daughter Willow Smith in order to find unique style options. Jada and Willow both have a creative sense of fashion and it makes sense that second-hand stores offer the best options for creating individuality with their style.,


Sarah Jessica Parker


We all know Sarah Jessica Parker best from Sex and the City, but like everyone else on the list, she had a life before fame. Like Macklemore, thrift shopping and consignment shopping is something that resonates with her from her childhood, yet something that she still loves doing to this day. She credits her mother for her sense of style that she has today. Before her fame, she says that she just shopped where she could afford, today she dresses herself and her son in gently used second-hand clothing mostly to help protest the horrible labor conditions in the fashion making industry.


Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore is the queen of Hollywood, but very down to earth at the same time and knows that she isn't too good to wear secondhand clothing. In 2010, Barrymore wore a $25 thrift shop dress on the red carpet, which inevitably became an iconic look. No matter what Barrymore wears, she always looks great with her fantastic sense of style.


Gwen Stefani


Like Sarah Jessica Parker, a lot of Gwen Stefani's fashion sense came from before her fame, and a lot of that came from her shopping secondhand. Stefani would find the unique finds that consignment and thrift shops often have and she would alter them to make them exactly how she wanted them. She has certainly come a long way since then with multiple fashion lines and not to mention her infamous singing career.


Zooey Deschanel


Zooey Deschanel is another star who started out with not very much money in her childhood. She shopped at thrift shops specifically because that was the only way she could afford to buy cute clothes and fill up her closet the way she wanted to. She told InStyle that the limitations she faced helped her have a more creative sense of fashion.


Tracee Ellis Ross


Tracee Ellis Ross' mother, Diana Ross, taught her many life lessons, including shopping and financial lessons. Ellis Ross admits to Instyle that she was never really a big shopper, but she did learn from her mother that it is important to get longevity out of your money. Ross also mentions that she can feel extraordinary in their clothes without having to spend a lot of money in the process.


Debbie Harry


Singer and songwriter Debbie Harry is also a celebrity who shopped at thrift and consignment shops when she was a child and quoted that she "just couldn't shake the habit." She says that now she loves shopping at secondhand stores to find unique clothes that no one else has and that it is something that is a thrill for her.


Overall, there are many benefits to shopping in secondhand stores. It is environmentally friendly, it saves money, and again offers unique options to choose from. It is always a good idea to consider shopping secondhand for gently used items, so never think you are too good to do so, because if these A-list celebrities know that it's the best way to go, then you should as well. Especially if you love being creative with how you dress and finding clothes at the best possible price. The consignment market is growing fast for a reason. People are begging to realize that shopping at consignment shops and thrift stores is the smarter way to shop.

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